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The DIY Ring Flash Kit – probably the best ring flash ever. Our focus was on great lighting, so any ugly hot-spots were eliminated, and lighting is just beautiful.

Assembling the kit is just where the fun begins (see video below). You’ll get an even bigger kick once you start shooting with it.

Say good-bye to those annoying shadows. Say hello to even, smooth lighting.

The Ring Flash comes in a flat 40×45 cm (15.75”x 17.75”) box, and has everything you need to get it assembled so you can start shooting right away.

Some photographers like to attach to the ring flash to the flash head with gaffers tape. But if you want something a bit more sturdy, check out our Ring Flash Bracket.

The bottom opening on the ring flash is 7cm x 4cm (2.755” x 1.575”), and can be easily expended by slitting the four bottom corners of the ring flash. It will probably fit most normal size strobes. We’ve tested it with the following strobes:

Nikon: SB28, SB80dx, SB800, SB26; Canon: 430EX, 580EXII; Vivitar: 285 (using your rubber bands).

The system includes a silver Ring Flash, a black finish outer shell, a ring and a detailed instructions page. We also recommend getting the Ring Flash bracket which enables mounting the ring flash on the camera tripod socket

Sample Images

Building Instructions

The Ring Flash Bracket

The ring flash bracket allows you to attach your Ring Flash Kit to the base of your camera between the tripod socket and the tripod plate, it makes for easy handling and ability to move. It includes a metal bracket and three rubber bands.

What People Are Saying?

I have played with one, and the quality of light is very good []

Buy it! If you have a flash you need to play with one of these [Greg Easton Photography]

… made to be light on the wallet, all while making it easier to light. They do it quite well. [The Nasty Blog]

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