Q: Can I sit on the Ring Flash?
A: You can, but it will probably not be very comfy. Also, it will probably do some damage to the ring flash. While attentive care will help your modifier last long, it is made of plastic and cardboard, and will not survive heavy abuse.

Q: How do you put this thing together?
A: Products that require assembly, come with a detailed instructions page. We also have video tutorials on our Ring Flash and Double Flash Bracket Pages.

Q: I have a big flash, will it fit the Ring Flash?
A: The Ring Flash has been tested with all kinds of flashes, small and big, Nikon’s SB26, SB28, SB800, SB900, Canon’s 430EXII, 580EXII and even the Vivitar monster 285. The kit is designed that if a flash does not fit the bottom, four small slits on the cardboard will make it fit. This is explained in the instructions page.

Q: What’s the inner diameter on the Ring Flash?
A: The smallest diameter on the Ring Flash is 10 cm

Q: How do you mount four strobes on the Double Flash Bracket?
A: Two strobes go on easily, with any regular 1/4 – 20 lightstand stud. For four strobes you will need a bigger spigot like this one, and some bands of your own.

Q: HELP! I cant find my camera on the bracket bending chart (yes, there is a bracket bending chart)
A: Basically, there are three lines on the instructions sheet which roughly fit: BIG DSLRs with grip, “regular” DSLRs and point and shoots. Depending on your model go for the most appropriate line.

Q: Do you accept Visa, Masters Card, Credit Card X, wire transfer and so on?
A: We take Paypal and credit cards that paypal supports. We are a very small business, and solely depend on Paypal for collecting. Signing up with Paypal is easy and free. If you need to pay differently, check with one of our retailers.

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